Within Our Lifetime Rally Toolkit

In the past three weeks, over 10,000 Palestinians, including over 3,000 children, have been massacred by israel, or are still missing under the rubble. It is more important than ever that Palestinian organizations and our allies in the United States and elsewhere are fully prepared for the days to come. This toolkit will assist your organization in the logistical and political elements of organizing a demonstration to defend the Palestinian people.

This toolkit is the product of nearly a decade of hands-on practice, experience and lessons that we have learned from our time organizing in NYC. While conditions differ in the places where we organize, this toolkit is a roadmap for how your organization or coalition can put on a successful rally and build the movement for Palestine from wherever you are.

Download this basic flyer and add the relevant information like time, place, location, and sponsoring organizations.

Check back at this page in the coming days for updated information, graphics, and recommendations.


Chants, Logistics, Outreach, Materials, Assigned Roles, Security Recommendations, Follow Up, Playlist

This is a non-comprehensive list of how to organize a rally. You may not need all of these components to have a successful protest but if you have the capacity and resources for the following it will help your action be more successful.


Biden Biden you can’t hide
you’re committing genocide

End the killings
Stop war crimes
Israel out of Palestine

Every time media lies
a neighborhood in Gaza dies

Israel bombs
USA pays
How many kids did you kill today

End the blockade
Break the siege
Gaza will be free

Free Gaza, Free Palestine
Within our lifetime

Gaza Gaza you will rise
Palestine will never die

nypd kkk
idf they’re all the same

move cops get out the way
we know you’re Israeli trained

‏لا اله الا الله والشهيد حبيب الله
La Ilaha Illa Allah, wa shaheed habib Allah
(There is no God but Allah SWT and the martyrs are beloved by Allah SWT)

‏قولو الله وعلو الصوت يا نحررها يا بنموت

‏ بالروح بالدم نفديك يا فلسطين
Bilroh, biddem, nafdeek ya Falasteen
(Our souls, our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you, Palestine)

We will free Palestine!
Within our lifetime!

There is only one solution!
Intifada revolution!

Resistance is justified!
When people are occupied!

Palestine is our demand!
No peace on stolen land!

‏من المية للمية فلسطين عربية
Min il-maya lal maya, Falasteen 3arabiye
(From the river to the sea, Palestine is Arab)

‏بدنا نحكي على المكشوف صهيوني ما بدنا نشوف
Bidna nihki al makshouf, sahyouni ma Bidna Nshoof
(Say it loud say it clear, we don’t want zionists here)

‏باب الأقصى من حديد ما بيفتحها الا الشهيد
Bab Al-Aqsa min Hadeed, ma byiftaha illa alshaheed
(The door of Al-Aqsa  is made of iron, only a martyr can open it) 

When Palestine is under attack
What do we do?
Stand up! Fight Back!

Hey hey, ho ho! 
zionism has got to go!
Hey hey, ho ho!
israel has got to go!

From the river to the sea!
Palestine will be free!

From Palestine to Mexico!
All these walls have got to go!

From New York to Gaza!
Globalize the intifada!

Free, free Palestine!
Long live Palestine!

Intifada, intifada!
Long live the intifada!

This is not acceptable, Jerusalem’s our capital!

Stop the U.S. war machine!
From Palestine to the Philippines!

It is right to rebel!
israel go to hell!

Settlers settlers go back home!
Palestine is our home!

We don’t want two states!
We want ‘48!

1 2 3 4 occupation no more!
5 6 7 8 smash the settler zionist state!

Out of Afghanistan! Out of Iraq!
Out of Palestine and don’t come back!

Occupation is a crime!
From New York to Palestine!

Not just annexation!
Not just occupation!
Fight for liberation!
Bring the whole thing down!

Not another nickel! Not another dime!
No more money for israel’s crimes!

israel you can’t hide!
You’re committing genocide!

israel what do you say?
How many kids did you jail today?

israel we know you!
You imprison children too!

End detention, stop the crimes!
israel out of Palestine!


  • Create a facebook event page 
  • Flyer design
  • Create a standard blurb for people to share on social media. Feel free to use from our introduction.
  • Co-sponsor with allied orgs to bring in more resources and support
  • Contact legal observers (legal organizations like National Lawyers Guild provide legal observing to rallies across the U.S.) 
  • Write a press release to send to local media the night before or early the day of the rally. 
  • Organize a press conference with community leaders and organizations to speak about the goals of the rally to the media.
  • Have a point media person to coordinate with media for the press conference
  • Create a security plan for those that attend the rally to ensure their safety particularly from Zionist disruptors.
  • Be prepared to do jail support in case any protesters are arrested.


  • Campuses: contact student organizations and ask them to share on social media.
  • Coalitions: invite any coalitions you may be a part of to not only endorse but attend, speak, and volunteer with security and other demanding tasks.
  • Local neighborhood: Not everyone is online. Organize physical outreach if you live near a Palestinian community. Ask local stores to advertise your rally in their windows. Go around and tape flyers to bus stops and give them out to those that may be interested


  • Signs
  • Markers to write down legal observers/lawyers number who agreed to observe
  • Banners
  • Bullhorn/speakers + mic/sound 
  • Flags 
  • Poles 
  • Flyers/handouts
  • Clipboard for sign up sheet

Assigned Roles

  • MC
  • Program coordinator 
  • Speakers list
  • Live stream video 
  • Photography
  • Security coordinator 
  • Outreach coordinator
  • Media person

We Keep Us Safe: Security Recommendations

Protect Everyone:

  • Scope out your rally location ahead of time and make sure your route is free of obstructions being mindful of street directions, locations of police precincts, etc.
  • Develop a security team and have a briefing shortly before the rally to go over the timeline of the day and any security threats
  • Move as one, stay behind front banners to keep the rally cohesive and protected.
  • Keep route direction closely guarded, do not tell random people who ask.
  • Journalists and photographers should check in with organizers before publishing any material
  • Do Not Talk to The Police! Have an assigned police negotiator who is the sole person talking to the police.
  • Do not record, post, or talk freely about anything that could get anyone in legal trouble.

Protect Yourself:

  • Cover your face if you do not want to be identified.
  • Find your local National Lawyer’s Guild chapter and write their phone number down on your arm in case you’re arrested.
  • Travel to and leave the action with friends and comrades.

Follow up

  • Internal assessment + debrief 
  • Posting Statement + pictures on Social Media/ website


Here are some Palestinian resistance songs you may choose to play as folks gather for the rally

Ya Zareef Al-tool – Palestinian dabke

Ana raji3

e7na falastiniyeh