End U.S. Sponsored Genocide in Gaza!

Since October 7th, 2023, over 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been massacred by israel.

The bombs used to carry out this genocide are made by U.S. weapons manufacturers, traded on Wall St. and paid for by U.S. military and, funded by our taxes.

On October 20th, President Biden called on Congress to pass an additional $14 billion in military aid to the occupation to fund more death and destruction in Gaza, which will end up as blood-stained money in the pockets of the weapons manufacturers.

We call on all those who stand with Palestine to take to the streets to collectively demand an end to U.S. sponsored genocide in Gaza.

Visit our Rally Toolkit for a roadmap to support your organization or coalition as you mobilize for Palestine in the days and weeks to come and download our posters below to print out and bring to actions.

Photo Credit: @shanazdeen

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