Rally Checklist

This is a non-comprehensive list of what you may need at a rally. You may not need all of these components to have a successful rally but if you have the capacity and resources for the following it will help your action be more successful.


  • Create a facebook event page
  • Flyer design (we have attached two sample flyers you can use at the bottom)
  • Create a standard blurb for people to share on social media. Feel free to use from our introduction.
  • Co-sponsor with allied orgs to bring in more resources and support
  • Contact legal observers (orgnizations like the National Lawyers Guild provide legal observing to rallies across the U.S.)
  • Printing materials (information on annexation, your organization, how to stay in touch , etc)
  • Write a press release to send to local media the night before or early the day of the rally.
  • Organize a press conference with community leaders and organizations to speak about the goals of the rally to the media.
  • Have a point media person to coordinate with media for the press conference
  • Create a security plan for those that attend the rally to ensure their safety particularly from Zionist disruptors and Police.
  • Be prepared to do jail support in case any protesters are arrested.


  • Campuses: contact student organizations and ask them to share on social media.
  • Coalitions: invite any coalitions you may be a part of to not only endorse but attend, speak, and volunteer with security and other demanding tasks.
  • Local neighborhood: Not everyone is online. Organize physical outreach if you live near a Palestinian community. Ask local stores to advertise your rally in their windows. Go around and tape flyers to bus stops and give them out to those that may be interested


  • Signs
  • markers to write down legal observers/lawyers number who agreed to observe for the rally.
  • banners
  • bullhorn/speakers + mic/sound
  • flags
  • poles
  • flyers/handouts
  • Clipboard for sign up sheet

Assigned Roles

  • MC
  • program coordinator
  • speakers list
  • live stream video
  • photographer
  • security coordinator
  • outreach coordinator
  • media person

Follow up

  • internal assessment
  • Posting Statement + pictures on Social Media/ website


Not just annexation! Not just occupation! Fight for liberation bring the whole thing down!
Annexation – more genocide, We must defend Palestine!
Genocide since ‘48, We don’t want your two states!
Zionists you will learn, We resist until return!
Palestine will be free, Fight white supremacy!
We will all be free, Resistance is the key!
There is only one solution! Intifada revolution!
Resistance is justified, When people are occupied!
Palestine is our demand! There’ll be no peace on stolen land!
Min il-maya lal maya, falasteen 3arabiye (from the river to the sea, Palestine is Arab)
When Palestine is under attack, What do we do? Stand up! Fight Back!
Hey hey, ho ho! Zionism has got to go!
Hey hey, ho ho! israel has got to go!
From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!
From Palestine to Mexico, Apartheid walls have got to go!
From New York to Gaza, Globalize the intifada!
Free, free Palestine! Long live Palestine! Long live the intifada! Intifada, intifada!
This is not acceptable , Jerusalem’s our capital!
Stop the U.S. war machine, From Palestine to the Philippines!
It is right to rebel, israel go to hell!
Settlers settlers go back home, Palestine is our home!
When Palestinians are oppressed, Boycott, sanction, & divest!
We don’t want two states, We want ‘48!
1 2 3 4 occupation no more! 5 6 7 8 smash the settler zionist state!
Out of Afghanistan, out of Iraq, Out of Palestine and don’t come back!
Occupation is a crime, From New York to Palestine!
Netanyahu, you will see: Palestine will be free!
Donald Trump, you will learn: Refugees will return!
Not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for israel’s crimes!
Netanyahu you can’t hide! You support apartheid!
Donald Trump we know you! You support torture too!
Donald Trump we are here, Because you’re a profiteer!
israel israel what do you say? How many kids did you jail today?
israel we know you! You imprison children too!
End detention, stop the crimes! israel out of Palestine!

Sign Making Examples

  • Defend Palestine! Say No To Annexation!
  • Justice for Iyad al-Hallak and Ahmad Erakat and George Floyd and Breonna Taylor
  • No Justice, No Peace
  • Resistance is justified when people are occupied
  • Zionism = Racism
  • Zionism = Genocide
  • #DefendPalestine
  • Resistance Until Return
  • #AbolishThePolice#AbolishIsrael